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7 Summits Project Has Funded a School in Nepal!

I’ve been awaiting this news for a long time! Yesterday I got an email from Save the Children updating me in regards to the fundraising dollars the 7 Summits Project had contributed towards a project in Nepal. Well, over the last 6 months, they’ve finally been put to use. I’ve copied out the full details of the email below..

Education Project Nepal
Location: Nepal – Nawalparasi district
Main objectives of the Project and achievements so far:

Training for teachers on literacy boost to improve their teaching skills
A total of 13 teachers (Female-4 and Male-9) from 12 different schools participated in the training program.
Prior to receiving the training, teachers normally used rote method to teach children in schools. However, after receiving the training, teachers are now feeling more confident in their roles as teachers and are using different teaching materials to teach children in classrooms.
The project plans to engage in the following activities in the next quarter:

  • Ensure that teachers use language instruction method to teach children in classrooms (teachers were trained on this method during the training)
  • Provide support to develop different teaching materials (dictionary, reference books, atlas etc)
  • Provide support to enhance children’s reading habit (help children read stories, explain the stories to them whenever necessary, provide children with books to take home, explain to parents about the need to provide adequate time to read stories to their children)
  • Provide refresher training on ‘literacy boost’ to teachers in March 2017.



Learning education materials support

The project provided various kinds of books to the project supported school – educational books, reading skill development books, and story books.

As per plan, the project provided different kinds of teaching materials to teachers. The project also organised an orientation session to orient teachers on the use of these teaching materials. The project will ensure that teachers continue to use the teaching materials in the next quarter as well. The project will monitor the classroom activities to ensure this.

School community members (Child Clubs and Parent-Teacher Group) implement initiatives to support attendance improvements

  • School-based Child Club (CC) was reformed. Awareness raising campaign was organised by the CC.
  • A new CC was formed as the existing members of the CC completed Grade 5 in the project school
    and enrolled in another school for higher education (Grade 6).
  • Regular CC meetings (once a month) were continued as per plan. A total of 96 children participated
    in these meetings.
  • Child Clubs supported the school to identify out of school children and to organise enrollment
    campaign at the community level.
  • As per the project’s annual plan, the Child Club placed dustbins in the school premises to build a
    habit among the students to practice proper management of garbage. Similarly, the CC also initiated
    this activity at the community level.

Enhanced physical environment of school

  • Painting of renovated rooms
  • As per plan, on July 2016, the task of renovating (including painting the walls) six classrooms was
  • Compared to how the classrooms used to look before the renovation (i.e. paint on the walls of the
    classrooms were worn out and the room looked dark), the rooms now look bright and attractive.
  • The students are very happy to have a comfortable sitting arrangement inside the classroom.
  • The students and teachers developed different learning materials for the classrooms. Moreover,
    they also decorated the classrooms together.

One of the classrooms from the school in Nepal we helped fund

Construction of new two-room building

The construction of a new two-room building was completed. The inauguration ceremony to celebrate
the construction of the new building was held on November 16, 2016.

Outdoor playing materials support and drainage maintenance

  • As per plan, the project provided outdoor playing materials to the project school.
  • Students are very happy to receive and have access to outdoor playing materials inside the school
  • A proper drainage system (rain water drain) was constructed with support from the community.

The project has reached 78 Girls and 73 Boys, 32 Females and 76 Males during the financial year.


To say I was pretty excited to receive the news is a bit of an understatement. It’s great to see those fundraising dollars put to use in a way that will hopefully provide a brighter future to those in need.

This marks the end of my journey with Save the Children. From next year (after the Tour For A Cure) I will be focusing on working directly with local Nepalese to improve education standards in one of the most impoverished nations on Earth. This will continue until I accomplish what I set out to at the start of this project. I will let you know the details a little way down the track and I hope you will all join me.
To those who have contributed in some form, thanks once again for your support with the 7 Summits Project, I hope you’re satisfied that your contribution has gone to a worthy cause.

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