Are London and Australia On Your Bucket List?

Are London and Australia On Your Bucket List?

With the New Year now upon us, something a lot of people will be doing is thinking about travel – and when it comes to travel, we all have a ‘bucket list’ whether it’s written down on paper, on Pinterest, or just in your head.  There are two destinations that seem to come up on

Off the Beaten Path in Australia

Australia is a vast country with a lot to offer the average traveller. From the Sydney Opera House to the great rock Uluru it is one of the places that everyone should try to visit at least once in their life. Of course, there is much more to Australia than the big hitters like The

7 Books Every Mountain Lover Will Enjoy

Looking for a tale of adventure? Nothing will satiate that craving like one of the mountaineering books listed below. Incorporating all the tragedy, triumph and beauty that mountaineering can bring. Sit back and become absorbed in a different world. A harsher one yes, but also a simpler one, a more invigorating one. Above all, a

7 Summits Project Has Funded a School in Nepal!

I’ve been awaiting this news for a long time! Yesterday I got an email from Save the Children updating me in regards to the fundraising dollars the 7 Summits Project had contributed towards a project in Nepal. Well, over the last 6 months, they’ve finally been put to use. I’ve copied out the full details

The ‘Finest Walk in the World’: New Zealand’s Milford Track

In 1908, British journalist Blanche Edith Baughan  sat down at her desk and declared the Milford Track the ‘Finest Walk in the World’. That’s a rather bold statement in itself. Even more outlandish is the fact that Baughan had never set foot on the track herself. Still, like a newborn lamb grasping at its mothers teat,

Tongariro Alpine Crossing: New Zealand’s Premier Day-Trek

Continuing the New Zealand Great Walks theme, here’s a guest post from Clare, an avid hiker who’s just completed the Tongariro Alpine Crossing on New Zealand’s north island. She covers practically everything you’d need to know about the journey. Check it.. By Clare Groom, editor & blogger at Altitude Treks Where: Tongariro National Park, North