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Bodyweight Workouts on the Road

If you’ve ever travelled around for an extended period of time (3+ weeks) you’ll know how hard it is to stay in shape. Now this does depend on where you travel to. A backpacking trip to Peru (where you’ll likely be hiking for multiple days at a time) compared to a Contiki tour through southern Europe (where your main pastime is going to be consuming large quantities of booze) are going to yield completely different results for your fitness.

Below are a list of basic bodyweight workouts that require minimal to zero equipment. The only thing you need to access is a pull-up bar of some sort- be it a tree, monkey bars or overhead balcony somewhere (most parks around the world have either a suitable tree branch or monkey bars you can use.) You can do these in your hotel room, at a local park, in the middle of the town square, wherever you can find a small space to yourself.

All workouts are from a site called Darebee. Check it out for a full list of hundreds of bodyweight workouts and how to perform the various exercises mentioned.

*You can probably get away with choosing one of these workouts every second day. If you really want to ratchet it up a notch, you can train every day, just choose workouts that train different body-parts on consecutive days. Start at level 1 (depending on your fitness) and try and work up to level 3. As with all fitness programs, progression is key.


King of the Hill (Strength/Tone)

Difficulty Rating: 2/5



Power Mode (Strength/Tone)

Difficulty Rating: 3/5



Dragon Slayer (Strength/Tone)

Difficulty Rating: 4/5




Poseidon (Strength/Tone)

Difficulty level: 2/5



Orc (Strength/Tone)

Difficulty Rating: 3/5



Spartan (Strength/Tone)

Difficulty Rating: 3/5



Now for the hard stuff..


Merc (Strength/Tone)

Difficulty Rating: 5/5



Uncharted (Strength/Tone)

Difficulty Rating: 5/5



Juggernaut (Strength/Tone)

Difficulty Rating: 5/5

Bodyweight Workouts


Gladiator (Strength/Tone)

Difficulty Rating: 5/5


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