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Mountaineering Book Review: Left For Dead

Left for Dead is an autobiographical account written by Everest Survivor Beck Weathers. Why do I say ‘Everest Survivor’? Beck was left to die (twice) on the slopes of Mt Everest during the infamous 1996 disaster. You may have seen the 2015 movie Everest which shows a little of Beck’s ordeal. He was played by this guy..


left for dead


Ring a few bells? Yeh well this is the actual Beck Weathers.. (before & after)




Not pretty.. Hence why I say ‘Everest survivor’.

Left for Dead is Beck’s account of that tragic event and his life in the aftermath. It also spends at least half the book giving a background of his earlier life as well as that of his wife, Peach.

If I’m being honest, it’s really not a very interesting read. I think most people who read it are there for the Everest details more than anything else and this is only a very brief section of the book.

The book spends far too much time on his marital problems with his wife, who tends to narrate a large portion of the book herself. (Note- I can see why Beck wanted to spend so much time in the mountains..) I’d say at least a quarter of the book is her complaining about him not being there for herself and the kids.

My advice? Give it a miss.. there are plenty of other books dealing with Everest and the particular 1996 expedition this story touches on.


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