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Book #3 : The Martian

Perhaps a few peoples nightmare scenarios play out in this Andy Weir Novel.

On research trip to Mars..

Large storm rolls through on day 31..

You get injured and become separated from rest of crew..

Crew takes off with return vessel and leaves you stranded with no way home.. (ON MARS)


This is what happens to Mark Wastney, a NASA astronaut who is part of a crew of 6 on only the third ever manned voyage to the red planet. After the rest of his crew leaves without him, Mark is forced to fend for himself, left to figure out a way to survive without contact to Earth, or anyone else for that matter.

It is a compelling story, filled with ever-present challenges that Mark must overcome. He knows at some point, another mission will arrive. He is therefore faced with the prospect of trying to survive until that day arrives.

I believe it’s first and foremost, a tale of human will and a testament to the perseverance and endurance we as a species are capable of under extreme duress. Mark maintained a positive attitude throughout, along with a constant sense of humour, which allowed him to meet obstacles as he faced them, rather than sit in a corner and wait for his day of reckoning to arrive.


The major takeaway:

  • Never give up. Take the scientific approach and always work through problems logically. Usually, you can always find a solution to whatever stands before you. But only if you don’t allow yourself to be run by your emotions. There was only one example of Mark losing his cool during the whole time he was stuck on Mars. He quickly regained composure and went about rectifying the situation.




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