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Challenge of the Day

Life is all about progression & we all need to push & challenge ourselves to achieve that progress.

In between big challenges (i.e tackling the 7 Summits), I always set myself smaller goals to stay motivated and keep things interesting. I want to start sharing some of these with you and hope that you’ll join me and challenge yourself at the same time.

We first came up with this idea over at Deadat30 where it was ridiculous ideas such as eating the Michael Phelps Diet for a day.


About 3 times a week I will try and do a challenge to test myself physically & mentally. Todays is a simple plank. I managed to hold the plank for … beating my P.B of 5:00 flat. That HURT. Give it a try and see what you can do. Push yourself through the pain & you’ll be suprised by what you can achieve. Let me know how you go!


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