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Climbing Everest at the University of Western Australia

On the 15th and 16th of August 2015, I will be ‘climbing’ to the height of Mt Everest on a treadmill. This will take place at the UWA/Save the Children annual booksale held at Winthrop Hall on the UWA campus. I will be covering a distance of around 59km on the treadmill, set to a 15° incline. It will take approximately 15 hours to reach the height of 8,848m which marks the top of Everest.

There you go.

Now you’ve got the gist of it, I’ll go into a little more detail and explain how this event came about.

If you are reading this you probably know what the 7 Summits Project is, if not, you might want to read the about page. Being a Perth native, I wanted to do something locally for the project, bring the excitement to Perth so to speak. As there is nothing here that even resembles a mountain, it meant getting creative. I approached Save the Children and the ideas man, Jason, suggested tying something in to a book-sale event they hold every year at the University of Western Australia.

A piece from the ABC on last years book-sale:

“The annual Save the Children book sale started in a home garage, but 50 years on it raises thousands of dollars and generates a frenzy among Perth’s book lovers… In August they transport around 100,000 books to the University of Western Australia and sell them in a six-day sale.”

Last year was the 50th year celebration and pulled in over $200,000, Save the Childrens biggest annual fundraising event.


The event attracts thousands of people every year. It would be the perfect opportunity to fundraise and gain awareness for the kids of Nepal, not to mention getting some more exposure for Save the Children’s book-sale as well as UWA and their departments that are involved. To tie it in to my project, we came up with climbing Everest, originally on a stairmaster. Since they are next to impossible to find in Perth, I opted for a treadmill instead.

The Event

There will be 2 treadmills set up on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of August. We’re looking for anyone and everyone to get involved and hop on the other treadmill to join me for 5 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour, however long you want! Please let me know well in advance to ensure you’re able to get a spot.

On my side, I’ll be on the treadmill around 7 1/2 hours each day. It’ll be set at 15°, the maximum incline and I’ll be doing around 4.5km/hr. That should take around 15 hours to get up to the required height of 8,848m. It’s not going to be record shattering by any means but it’s still going to be hard, particularly mentally. I’ve never been a fan of treadmills..

I’m also trying to hook a couple of these altitude masks up to use on the day, just to make things a little harder..



The key sponsors for the 7 Summits Project, Crazy Domains are on board as sponsors, as are Next Generation Health Clubs in Kings Park. The UWA Recreation Centre have graciously offered us the use of their treadmills.

We are always on the lookout for more sponsors! If you are interested in getting involved in this event, please get in contact with myself or Save the Children and find out what we can offer. You will have the opportunity to gain exposure from thousands of people live at the event and a whole lot more through media covering the event.

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