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Cold Shower Challenge Update: 15 Days In

First off, Perth water in May is a hell of a lot colder than I expected.. It seems to have gotten colder and colder, as the days have shortened and night-time temperatures have dipped to 4 or 5 degrees.

Having said that, I’ve been really enjoying the cold showers, starting to actually look forward to them even! I guess that’s the mental aspect as much as anything, enjoying the challenge. 

I’ve certainly become more tolerant of the cold water, when I first started it took me at least a minute to stop hyper-ventilating and get over the initial cold-blast shock. Now I hop in, take a couple of deep breaths when it hits me and I’m all good.



Onto the Benefits I’ve noticed..

  1. Alert & Alive: Nothing is more refreshing to the mind and body than hopping under a cold shower. You feel amazing when you step out, so much more alert and alive.
  2. Reduced Soreness: Even though I’ve been running a hell of a lot more than I’m accustomed to, I haven’t been getting much soreness. This is probably a combination of a few different factors; improved conditioning, foam rolling/stretching and nutrition, but I have a feeling the cold exposure therapy has definitely played its part. 
  3. Improved Energy: I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my energy levels, particularly in the period directly after a cold shower. Again this is probably due to a few factors, although I would bet on a positive correlation between the cold showers and my energy.
  4. Cold Tolerance: As the outside temperatures have been dropping, I’ve hardly noticed it. I tend to prefer cooler weather anyway, although I’ve definitely noticed an improved tolerance to the cold generally.


I’m only halfway through, so it will be interesting to see if these benefits prove themselves even further as we go along.

A friend of mine, Emmett, is joining me in this challenge. If you’re looking for a personal trainer or performance coach, he is your man. You can find him at

Here is his biggest takeaway from the challenge so far..


Week 1

“I found the greatest benefit was in achieving my daily habits with ease… 

Ive been working on building a SOLID list of daily habits that are just automatic. So when your first learning a habit there is A LOT of resistance in starting the new habit your forming. The cold water challenge helped me burst through that initial step and get started on the habit i was working on.”


Week 2

“The biggest takeaway from this challenge has been the flow on effect to how i overcome challenges throughout the day.

Before, i would let the voice in my head talk me out of overcoming small challenges. Now that voice is drowned out by the experience of a cold shower first thing in the morning. Making everything else i do during the day seem easy.

Training my will power like a muscle has seen HUGE benefits in my daily habit formation. Finished a book in a week, good considering i was never a big reader. I have taught myself to touch type in a week. Incorporated the Wim Hof breathing method into my morning routine (must check this guy out)*. Most importantly i have been so immersed in making the most out of every minute of the day that I cant waste time.”


*Check out this article on the Wim Hof Method. The guy is legit, holding some 20 odd world records related to cold exposure and other crazy feats of endurance. His breathing technique is probably a challenge I’ll take on next month.


I will do another update at the end of the month to review the whole process and to let you know if I found the cold shower business to be a worthwhile endeavour!

Check out a few of the benefits of cold showers.

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