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Highest Peak in Each Country (N-Z)


Namibia: Brandberg (2573 meters, 8442 feet)


The name Brandberg is Afrikaans, Dutch and German for Fire Mountain, which comes from its glowing color which is sometimes seen in the setting sun.

Nauru: Nauru High Point (65 meters, 213 feet)


Probably most renowned these days for housing illegal immigrants attempting to reach Australian shores via boat. “Boat People” as they have been embarrassingly termed in Australian lingo.


Nepal: Mt Everest (8848 meters, 29,029 feet)


What more has to be said about the “Mother Goddess”, the biggest and most well-known mountain on this list.


Netherlands: Vaalserberg (321 meters, 1053 feet)


“The Vaalserberg is also the location of the tripoint between Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and its summit is therefore referred to as Drielandenpunt (“Three-Country Point”) in Dutch, orDreiländereck (“Three-Country Corner”) in German, or Trois Frontières (“Three Borders”) in French.”


New Zealand: Mount Cook (3754 meters, 12,316 feet)


A serious mountaineering challenge, this peaks takes lives every year of those daring to tackle its glaciated slopes.


Nicaragua: Pico Mogoton (2106 meters, 6909 feet)


The route up this peak is dotted with and-mines, not surprisingly putting many tourists off making the trek.


Niger: Mont Bagzane (2022 meters, 6634 feet)



Nigeria: Chappal Wadi (2419 meters, 7936 feet)


This list has thrown out some seriously strange shaped mountains.. This may be the weirdest of all!


North Korea: Paektu-San (2744 meters, 9003 feet)


An active volcano on the border between North Korea and China. You may have first heard of it, as I did, when Kim Jong-Un supposedly reached the summit and paraded around for a while.


Norway: Galdhopiggen (2469 meters, 8100 feet)


At the summit a small cabin has been built. In the summer soft drinks, chocolate bars, postcards and other items are sold here. Earlier the Norwegian Postal Authority had a small post office here—being the highest in Northern Europe.


Oman: Jebel Shams (3018 meters, 9902 feet)

Jebel Shams


Pakistan: K2 (8614 meters, 28,261 feet)


Long considered the highest peak in the world, ‘Savage Mountain’ maintains its status as the most difficult mountain in the world to climb. For every 4 people who summit, 1 dies.


Palau: Mount Ngerchelchauus (242 meters, 794 feet)


Kind of embarrassing after K2..


Palestine: West Bank High Point (1020 meters, 3346 feet)

No idea..


Panama: Volcan Baru (3474 meters, 11,398 feet)


It is possible to see the entire width of Panama from the top of this active stratovolcano on a clear day.


Papua New Guinea: Mount Wilhelm (4509 meters, 14,793 feet)



Paraguay: Cerro Tres Kandu (842 meters, 2762 feet)



Peru: Nevado Huascaran (6768 meters, 22,205 feet)


The highest ‘tropical’ mountain on Earth.


Philippines: Mount Apo (2954 meters, 9692 feet)



Poland: Rysy-North Peak (2499 meters, 8199 feet)




Portugal: Montanha do Pico (2351 meters, 7713 feet)


This stratovolcano (another one..) is located on the island of Pico, in the mid-Atlantic archipelago of the Azores.


Qatar: Al Galail (103 meters, 338 feet)

Not really much point in this ne, can’t distinguish where the peak actually is..


Romania: Moldoveanu (2544 meters, 8346 feet)


Russia: Elbrus (5642 meters, 18,510 feet)


A few facts bout Europe’s Highest Peak.


Rwanda: Volcan Karisimbi (4519 meters, 14,826 feet)


St. Kitts and Nevis: Mount Liamuiga (1156 meters, 3793 feet)


Mount Liamuiga was formerly named Mount Misery


St. Lucia: Mt Gimmie (950 meters, 3117 feet)


It is of volcanic origin and is covered by lush tropical rainforest


St. Vincent and The Grenadines: La Soufiere (1234 meters, 4049 feet)


“The Sulferer” has erupted 5 times in the last 300 years. An eruption in 1902 left 1,680 people dead.


Samoa: Lata Mountain (966 meters, 3169 feet)

No idea..


San Marino: Monte Titano (739 meters, 2425 feet)


“Straddled on the ridge of Mount Titano is the city of San Marino of the Republic of San Marino, the history of which dates from the early 4th century. According to the legend related to the Mount and its precincts a small monastery existed on top of the Mount during the 8th century. The mountainous landscape provides excellent views of its surroundings, and its isolated location ensured the needed seclusion for San Marino to survive as a Republic over the past several centuries”


Sao Tome and Principe: Pico de Sao Tome (2024 meters, 6640 feet)


Yes that’s real. “The entire island of São Tomé is a massive shield volcano which rises from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, over 3,000 m (10,000 ft) below sea level.”


Saudi Arabia: Jabal Sawda (3000 meters, 9843 feet)


Authorities claim this is the highest peak in Saudi Arbaia, however there is no actual data to confirm that.. This one is completely up in the air. Pretty crazy that a country with so much wealth places so little importance on its geography…


Senegal: Senegal High Point (638 meters, 2093 feet)

Good luck finding a pic of this one..


Serbia: Midzor (2169 meters, 7116 feet)


Straddles the border between Serbia and Bulgaria.


Seychelles: Morne Seychellois (905 meters, 2969 feet)



Sierra Leone: Mt Bintunami/Loma Mansa (1945 meters, 6381 feet)


The lower slopes are covered in rain-forest, home to numerous exotic animal species.


Singapore: Bukit Timah (176 meters, 577 feet)


Located centrally, in close proximity to Singapores business district. The surrounds are considered the most expensive part of the city.


Slovakia: Gerlachovsky stit (2654 meters, 8707 feet)


“Has played a symbolic role in the eyes of the rulers and populations of several Central European nations, to the point that between the 19th and mid-20th century, it had four different names with six name reversals. It managed to be the highest mountain of the Kingdom of Hungary, and of the countries of Czechoslovakia and Slovakia within the span of only about two decades of the 20th century.”


Slovenia: Triglav (2864 meters, 9396 feet)


A landmark and symbol of Slovenia, it appears centrally on the coat of arms. First ascent believed to be in 1778.


Solomon Islands: Mount Popomanaseu (2335 meters, 7661 feet)

Despite its size and significance to the local population, I can’t find a decent picture of this volcano..


Somalia: Shimbiris (2460 meters, 8071 feet)



South Africa: Mafadi (3451 meters, 11,322 feet)


Situated on the border of South Africa and Lesotho.


South Korea: Halla-san (1950 meters, 6398 feet)


The mountain is worshipped by a certain population in South Korea due to the belief that gods and spirits live upon it.


South Sudan: Kinyeti (3187 meters, 10,456 feet)



Spain: Pico de Teide (3718 meters, 12,198 feet)


Actually located in the Canary Islands, a little cheeky of Spain to be claiming this one..  “At 7,500 m (24,600 ft) from its base on the ocean floor, it is the third highest volcano on a volcanic ocean island in the world after Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa and others in Hawaii.


Sri Lanka: Pidurutalagala (2524 meters, 8281 feet)


Serves as a base for the countries telecommunications system.


Sudan: Jebel Marrah (3042 meters, 9980 feet)



Suriname: Juliana Top (1230 meters, 4035 feet)



Swaziland: Emlembe (1862 meters, 6109 feet)



Sweden: Kebnekaise (2106 meters, 6909 feet)


“On 15 March 2012 a Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules military aircraft crashed into the western snowy mountain side a short distance below the ridge that runs between the mountain’s two highest peaks. Five Norwegian officers were killed.”


Switzerland: Monte Rosa (4634 meters, 15,203 feet)


The second highest peak of the European Alps. Captured the imagination of Leonardo de Vinci who explored the surrounds of the peak and made observations and even a few paintings.


Syria: Jabal ash Shaykh/Mt Hermon (2814 meters, 9232 feet)


“On the top, in the United Nations buffer zone between Syria and Israeli-occupied territory, is the highest permanently manned UN position in the world, known as “Hermon Hotel”


Taiwan: Yushan (3952 meters, 12,966 feet)


“Jade Mountain” is home to the most biologically diverse region of Tawain, hosting numerous rare species of birds, mammals and reptiles


Tajikistan: Pik Ismail Samani (7495 meters, 24,590 feet)


The highest peak on the former Soviet Union, looks intimidation as S#%!


Tanzania: Kilimanjaro (5895 meters, 19,341 feet)


Check out everything you need to know about one of the worlds most renowned peaks and staple on bucket lists the world over:


Thailand: Doi Inthanon (2580 meters, 8465 feet)


Yeh this place is legit, one of Thailands most popular tourist destinations.


Timor-Leste: Ramelau (2963 meters, 9721 feet)


“While East Timor was a Portuguese colony it was called the highest mountain of Portugal in 20th century, since the highest mountain of Portugal proper is of a more modest height.” Kind of like what Spain is still doing..


Togo: Mont Agou (986 meters, 3235 feet)

Mont Agou


Tonga: Kao (1109 meters, 3638 feet)


Trinidad and Tobago (940 meters, 3084 feet)



Tunisia: Jebel Chaambi (1544 meters, 5066 feet)



Turkey: Mount Ararat (5137 meters, 16,854 feet)


The landing point of Noah’s Ark.


Turkmenistan: Ayrybaba (3139 meters, 10,299 feet)

190. Turkménistan - Montagnes Kopet Dag, désert du Karakoum


Uganda: Mount Stanley (5109 meters, 16,762 feet)


Also the highest point of Congo, featured earlier..


Ukraine: Gora Goverla/Mt Hoeverla (2061 meters, 6762 feet)


“Nowadays because of its prominence too many unskilled extreme-lovers are taking attempts to climb it in winter, resulting in regular frostbite or even deaths.”


United Arab Emirates: Jabal Bil Ays-West (1892 meters, 6207 feet)



United Kingdom: Ben Nevis (1344 meters, 4409 feet)


The summit is a collapsed dome of an ancient volcano. Definitely one of the most popular climbs on this list, attracting an estimated 100,000 ascents a year


USA: Mt Mckinley/Denali (20,320 feet, 6194 meters)

Everything you need to know about “The Great One” right here:


Uruguay: Cerro Catedral (514 meters, 1686 feet)



Uzbekistan: Khazret Sultan (4643 meters, 15,233 feet)



Vanuatu: Tabwemasana (1879 meters, 6165 feet)


“Very few tourists climb Tabwemasana each year, with the number reaching the summit generally less than six persons per year. This is primarily due to the isolated location of the mountain and the physical difficulty of ascending the peak.”


Venezuela: Pico Bolivar (4981 meters, 16,342 feet)



Vietnam: Fan Si Pan (3142 meters, 10,308 feet)


Dubbed “The roof of Indochina”


Yemen: Jabal an Nabi Shu’ayb (3666 meters, 12,028 feet)


One of the most prominent peaks on the continent due to its flat surrounds.


Zambia: Mafinga Central (2339 meters, 7674 feet)


Likely to be Zambia’s highest point but still not entirely certain..


Zimbabwe: Inyangani (2592 meters, 8504 feet)


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