Wonders of Perth Calendar


Wonders of Perth Calendar

In October 2014, photo shoots commenced for the ‘Wonders of Perth’ 2016 calendar project. Creatively gifted local photographer Lisa Klifunis (Insta: @_lisk) has joined forces with Director Abid Imam to showcase and capture the beautiful city of Perth in all its splendour featuring stunning models at one with the setting.

For only $10 you can contribute to the education of some of the most impoverished children worldwide, currently trapped in a vicious poverty cycle with no way out and no hope.

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Showcasing the stunning City of Perth and all it’s charms.

All proceeds of this calendar will be put towards education projects in Nepal, directly through Save the Children. Your contribution, no matter how small, will help me in my quest to break the poverty cycle for a few children most in need.



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