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The Power of Biographies

Anyone who knows me well will know I’m an avid reader. I make no secret of that fact and will bring up the topic of books I’m reading whenever possible. I try and average a book a week (a goal of mine this year was to get through 52..), reading through a range of very diverse topics from self-help to mountaineering to 18th century classic fiction. More so than for mere entertainment, I read for a variety of reasons; to be inspired, to be motivated, to take a break from reality. Most of all however, I read to learn. The very best way to achieve all these goals? Read Biographies.

With biographies, you are reading about the very best to have graced their respective fields (For the most part, these days there seem to be a number of biographies out from people who have achieved very little in life..). Rather than someone simply telling you how to do something, you are being shown exactly how someone has achieved the highest level of success. They show you it can be done. It also allows the reader to interpret the lessons themselves, allowing for a much deeper understanding while also knowing that what they have learnt is truly possible to achieve.

I’m a big believer in action over words and only listening to those who have actually put into action the lessons you are trying to learn. The number of ‘gurus’ out there is staggering. Social Media certainly hasn’t contributed positively to this phenomenon. The number of inspirational quotes and calls to action from those who have never practiced what they preach seems to be growing exponentially. In my mind, it’s only wise to learn from those who have previously accomplished. There is no better way to do this than by reading biographies.


“The best and only thing that one artist can do for another is to serve as an example and an inspiration” – The War of Art


Here are a few great one’s I’ve read to start you off with..










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