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6 Effective Ways To Good Health While Travelling

Often it feels easier to stay fit and healthy when you’re at home. You’re in a familiar environment and you have an eating and exercise routine. That’s relatively easy, but what about when you’re travelling and your regular routine is broken? It will take more of a conscious effort to eat well and get some

Planning Your First Trip to Melbourne: 4 Things You Should Definitely Do

Having an exciting city centre and captivating inner-city neighbourhoods, Melbourne is a place that attracts a lot of tourists for all the right reasons. From mountain ranges to lowland green parks, eclectic cultural mix to the diverse dining experience, Melbourne clearly has a lot to offer.   Known as the coffee capital of the world,

Preparing For An Endurance Challenge

One of my favourite combination of words in the English language; Endurance Challenge. It at once elicits excitement, fear, curiosity, apprehension, ambition and an understanding of the inevitable pain and suffering that is to follow. I think it’s the last part that makes me look forward to the challenge the most. Now I’m no Mike

World’s Toughest Endurance Challenges

worlds toughest endurance challenges

This would seem like an appropriate article to have on a site about climbing the 7 Summits. Yet, I’m not going to include any mountaineering in it at all. I fully believe I could just add the 14 8,000m peaks and the list would be pretty well finished. However I’m going to limit this to

The Denali Experience: Climbing North Americas Highest Peak

Climbing Denali

It was on the descent from camp 4 that I first ran into this affable group of 3 Nepalese climbers, on their way up to summit Denali. That seemed a given. They had each climbed Everest multiple times, one of them 11 times, another 7 times. They were climbing pedigree, from the very heart of

The 7 Summits World Record Attempt

I received this email in my inbox on August 20th, 2017: “G’day Cody, just came across your website and noticed what you’re doing and that you are also from Perth. I’m doing something similar. Here is my website. If you are interested it would be great to catch up some time. Cheers, Steve”