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Adventure Book Review: Into the Wild


I’ll admit, this was one of the few occasions I have seen the movie before reading the book. Therefore I first came across the story of Alex Supertramp (Chris McCandless) on the big screen. In of itself, it was definitely a solid movie, well worth the 2 hours spent viewing it. His life is an

Mountaineering Book Review: Left For Dead

Left for Dead is an autobiographical account written by Everest Survivor Beck Weathers. Why do I say ‘Everest Survivor’? Beck was left to die (twice) on the slopes of Mt Everest during the infamous 1996 disaster. You may have seen the 2015 movie Everest which shows a little of Beck’s ordeal. He was played by

Book #12: Searching for Bobby Fischer

searching for bobby fischer

After his world championship match with Boris Spassky in 1972, Bobby Fischer was one of the most recognised faces in the United States. He was rich, famous and at the very peak of his creative talents. Most importantly for the Americans, he had defeated their cold-war nemesis in a game that was considered the Soviets

Lessons From the Greatest: The Tao of Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali, boxing legend, activist and icon of the 20th century, in his prime considered perhaps the most famous person on Earth. I’ve read and watched a great deal on Ali and every time I seem to find out something new. He truly was an intriguing and multi-dimensional figure, no piece of writing seems to

Book #3 : The Martian

Perhaps a few peoples nightmare scenarios play out in this Andy Weir Novel. On research trip to Mars.. Large storm rolls through on day 31.. You get injured and become separated from rest of crew.. Crew takes off with return vessel and leaves you stranded with no way home.. (ON MARS)   This is what

52 Books: A goal of knowledge, wisdom and motivation for 2016

52 Books

One of my goals for 2015 was to get through 52 books, slowly working through a list put together by the Art of Manliness, along with whatever else happened to tickle my fancy. With the year drawing to close however, I will fall well short of that (Around the 33 mark..). Time to give 52 books

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