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The Denali Experience: Climbing North Americas Highest Peak

Climbing Denali

It was on the descent from camp 4 that I first ran into this affable group of 3 Nepalese climbers, on their way up to summit Denali. That seemed a given. They had each climbed Everest multiple times, one of them 11 times, another 7 times. They were climbing pedigree, from the very heart of

The 7 Summits World Record Attempt

I received this email in my inbox on August 20th, 2017: “G’day Cody, just came across your website and noticed what you’re doing and that you are also from Perth. I’m doing something similar. Here is my website. If you are interested it would be great to catch up some time. Cheers, Steve”  

The Road to Everest

It’s been far too long since I’ve sat down and written an article on this site. I have been busy, though, it was perhaps more so due to the fact I was undecided in the direction I was heading. I’ve been slowly working through the 7 Summits, in amongst other big events in life. I

Mt Aconcagua 2016 : Not the Experience I Was Looking For


This is a particularly hard post for me to write. I hate failing to reach a goal, particularly when I don’t even get the opportunity to give it my all. If I had reached 6,000m and the mountain had beaten me, I could accept that. This is a much harder pill to swallow. As I

A Few Facts About Mt Aconcagua

What’s in a name I’ve had to repeat this name more times than I care to remember over the last few months. Nobody knows what the hell is going on.. From on, there are no excuses. In English it’s pronounced A:con:ca:gwa   It’s Pretty High Not only is it the highest point in South America (hence

Mt Aconcagua Guide

Do you have a goal of reaching the highest peak in the Southern and Western Hemispheres? Hopefully the Mt Aconcagua Guide can help you out with some useful information and resources to help you achieve it!   Check out a great video I found showing what an Aconcagua expedition entails..