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Climbing the World’s Country Highpoints

After writing the series of articles on the Highest Peak in Each Country (Part 1, 2 & 3) I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Eric who has had some pretty incredible adventures and along with his brother Matthew, has scaled 82 of the worldwide country highpoints. Below is an article telling a little

Greatest Modern Day Adventurers


Our world is of limited size and by this day and age, practically everywhere has been explored. I often feel a little disheartened to know that there are no truly new discoveries left to uncover (on Earth). Only 400 years ago there were continents left undiscovered and unlimited possibilities as to what may lie over the next

An Interview with Adventurer Ginge Fullen

I recently wrote a series of posts on the highest mountain on every continent. (See them here: A-E, F-M, N-Z) I spent a ridiculous amount of time putting these together because the concept intrigued me, even though I have absolutely no intention of making the challenge part of my future plans. While researching for these,