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Preparing For An Endurance Challenge

One of my favourite combination of words in the English language; Endurance Challenge. It at once elicits excitement, fear, curiosity, apprehension, ambition and an understanding of the inevitable pain and suffering that is to follow. I think it’s the last part that makes me look forward to the challenge the most. Now I’m no Mike

World’s Toughest Endurance Challenges

worlds toughest endurance challenges

This would seem like an appropriate article to have on a site about climbing the 7 Summits. Yet, I’m not going to include any mountaineering in it at all. I fully believe I could just add the 14 8,000m peaks and the list would be pretty well finished. However I’m going to limit this to

The Tour For a Cure Story

“I have a brain tumour.” Not the words you’d expect to hear from your 24 year old mate, a young guy who was fit, healthy and didn’t have any detrimental vices that may impact his health. Yet that’s what Josh told me on that brisk winters morning back in 2015. I was left in a

Tour For a Cure: 1 Month Out

Today is officially 1 month until we kick off the ride from Melbourne to Perth. We depart Perth on the 21st of September, packing our gear into 2 vans and making the presumably much easier drive across Australia. Then, on the 27th, we hop on the bikes and cycle back the way we came. Sounds a little

The June Fitness Challenge

I’ve started doing monthly challenges (again) to improve myself and keep things interesting while I’m based back here in Perth. You can check out last months Cold Showers Challenge and the positive results in brought. The challenge for this month is to really step up my training and take my overall fitness to the next

Cold Shower Challenge Update: 15 Days In

First off, Perth water in May is a hell of a lot colder than I expected.. It seems to have gotten colder and colder, as the days have shortened and night-time temperatures have dipped to 4 or 5 degrees. Having said that, I’ve been really enjoying the cold showers, starting to actually look forward to them