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The Denali Experience: Climbing North Americas Highest Peak

Climbing Denali

It was on the descent from camp 4 that I first ran into this affable group of 3 Nepalese climbers, on their way up to summit Denali. That seemed a given. They had each climbed Everest multiple times, one of them 11 times, another 7 times. They were climbing pedigree, from the very heart of

The 7 Summits World Record Attempt

I received this email in my inbox on August 20th, 2017: “G’day Cody, just came across your website and noticed what you’re doing and that you are also from Perth. I’m doing something similar. Here is my website. If you are interested it would be great to catch up some time. Cheers, Steve”  

The Road to Everest

It’s been far too long since I’ve sat down and written an article on this site. I have been busy, though, it was perhaps more so due to the fact I was undecided in the direction I was heading. I’ve been slowly working through the 7 Summits, in amongst other big events in life. I

A Journey on Mont Blanc; One of the Worlds Deadliest Peaks

This is a guest post from a buddy of mine, Kyle, over at Black Crow Travel. Kyle joined me on Mt Elbrus just after this Mont Blanc trip. It’s a great write-up so sit back and let him take you on a journey through the Alps.   Naples to Chamonix Leaving Naples, and some of

7 Books Every Mountain Lover Will Enjoy

Looking for a tale of adventure? Nothing will satiate that craving like one of the mountaineering books listed below. Incorporating all the tragedy, triumph and beauty that mountaineering can bring. Sit back and become absorbed in a different world. A harsher one yes, but also a simpler one, a more invigorating one. Above all, a

Tongariro Alpine Crossing: New Zealand’s Premier Day-Trek

Continuing the New Zealand Great Walks theme, here’s a guest post from Clare, an avid hiker who’s just completed the Tongariro Alpine Crossing on New Zealand’s north island. She covers practically everything you’d need to know about the journey. Check it.. By Clare Groom, editor & blogger at Altitude Treks Where: Tongariro National Park, North