17 03, 2015

A few facts about Australia’s Highest Point: Mount Kosciuszko

2017-01-04T14:22:32+08:007 Summits, Mountains|

Thinking of making the journey to climb one of the 7 Summits? Tackle Kilimanjaro with my complete guide for less than $3. Get it on Amazon. Height In terms of mountains worldwide, Australia's largest is in fact, a midget. Standing only 2,228 metres, [...]

12 03, 2015

Training for Elbrus

2016-05-01T10:14:44+08:007 Summits, Mountains|

When I tell people about what I am trying to accomplish in climbing the 7 summits, one of the first questions is usually "You're a nutcase, what kind of training are you doing for that?" So here I have put a brief [...]

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