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How to Prepare Your Body for Climbing

  Climbing is an athletic adventure, which is sometimes difficult to reach. But the final result is worth it because you realize what you are capable of, expand your horizons, deepen your connection with nature and rethink your life. It doesn’t matter how difficult your climb is because each climb gives enough experience and teaches

I’ve Started a New Blog..

I’ve noticed posts on here are becoming more and more irrelevant to this project so I have decided to find a new home for them. Anything related to Generation Y or really anything not related to the 7 Summits Project can now be found over at my new blog which I’ve titled Generation Y Musings..

What the #@$% is a Stitch?


I had a pretty bad experience during a half marathon last weekend which brought about this post. Around 7km in, I developed a ‘stitch’, a sharp stabbing pain up under my ribs. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of it, struggling through the last 14km without being able to push myself in

Life with a Restless Soul

It’s like living with a pressure inside you. A pressure that builds over time until you finally grant it release… The relentless pull of life on the move becomes somewhat unbearable. That internal drive that doesn’t allow you to settle for more than a few weeks at a time. Then it’s off chasing the next

The Quitter

I was captivated by one particular line of poetry as I was watching the story of Douglas Mawson, one of the greatest survival stories you’ve probably never heard. Mawson was a geologist & explorer during Antarctica’s golden age of exploration, sitting alongside names such as Roald Amundsen, Robert Falcon Scott, and Ernest Shackleton. During Mawson’s heroic ordeal, he had

Taking inspiration from some of the most famous charity fundraisers

In this age when fame is often defined by YouTube views and how many Kardashians you are on intimate terms with, it is easy to get a little cynical about the concept of the celebrity fundraiser. But just occasionally, someone in the public eye does something truly remarkable, facing the most incredible challenges and for